progressr 0.8.0 is on CRAN. It comes with some new features: A new ‘rstudio’ handler that reports on progress via the RStudio job interface in RStudio withProgressShiny() now updates the detail part, instead of the message part In addition to signalling relative amounts of progress, it’s now also possible to signal total amounts If you’re curious what progressr is about, have a look at my e-Rum 2020 presentation.

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future 1.8.0 is available on CRAN. This release lays the foundation for being able to capture outputs from futures, perform automated timing and memory benchmarking (profiling) on futures, and more. These features are not yet available out of the box, but thanks to this release we will be able to make some headway on many of the feature requests related to this - hopefully already by the next release.

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Henrik Bengtsson

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