future 1.20.1 is on CRAN. It adds some new features, deprecates old and unwanted behaviors, adds a couple of vignettes, and fixes a few bugs. Interactive debugging First out among the new features, and a long-running feature request, is the addition of argument split to plan(), which allows us to split, or “tee”, any output produced by futures. The default is split = FALSE for which standard output and conditions are captured by the future and only relayed after the future has been resolved, i.

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future 1.9.0 - Unified Parallel and Distributed Processing in R for Everyone - is on CRAN. This is a milestone release: Standard output is now relayed from futures back to the master R session - regardless of where the futures are processed! Disclaimer: A future’s output is relayed only after it is resolved and when its value is retrieved by the master R process. In other words, the output is not streamed back in a “live” fashion as it is produced.

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Henrik Bengtsson

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