The matrixStats package provides highly optimized functions for computing common summaries over rows and columns of matrices. In a previous blog post, I showed that, instead of using apply(X, MARGIN = 2, FUN = median), we can speed up calculations dramatically by using colMedians(X). In the most recent release (version 0.50.0), matrixStats has been extended to perform optimized calculations also on a subset of rows and/or columns specified via new arguments rows and cols, e.

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We are pleased to announce our proposal ‘Subsetted and parallel computations in matrixStats’ for Google Summer of Code. The project is aimed for a student with experience in R and C, it runs for three months, and the student gets paid 5500 USD by Google. Students from (almost) all over the world can apply. Application deadline is March 27, 2015. I, Henrik Bengtsson, and H├ęctor Corrada Bravo will be joint mentors.

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